Professional Services

Legal Conveyancing

By law every property transaction in the UK requires the support and advice of a legal practice that will represent your best interest in any residential or commercial property transaction.

Here at V2, we only work with the top legal practices in the UK and are able to recommend the legal firm that is right for you. Additionally, we will negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf and supervise the entire legal process to ensure that a successful transaction.

Purchase Structure & Taxation

One of the most important decisions international buyers must make when buying property in the UK is to decide which purchase structure to choose. The purchase structure can have multiple tax and financial implications when it comes to buying, selling, letting, investing or trading your real estate assets. It is vital that the purchaser is clearly advised on the options available to them.

There are now many different ways in which property purchases can be structured, each with its own clear advantages and disadvantages.

At V2 we are able to recommend professional independent advisors who will assist you to make the right decisions tailored to your specific circumstances and supervise the process along the way. 

Financing your purchase (Mortgage)

Given the current global financial climate and the decline in lending, obtaining finance has become more challenging than ever.

Our network of mortgage and financial specialists will consider each application on a 'case-by-case' basis and the outcome will depend on the personal & financial circumstances of the applicant.

There are specific ways in which clients are best advised to apply for finance if they wish to maximise the options available to them.

For more information on this subject and to gain a better understanding of the documentation and requirements necessary to obtain finance, please do not hesitate to contact us.